PLURAL - Planeamento Urbano, Regional e de Transportes, Unipessoal, Lda.



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Equipa Plural

PLURAL, Planeamento Urbano, Regional e de Transportes, Lda, is a project-based planning company, set up in 1990, which specialises it’s activities in the following areas of study:

• Land-use
• Urbanism
• Architecture
• Strategic Planning and Regional and Local Development
• Environment

PLURAL has experience on a national level, in the area of Urban and Regional Planning, through its participation in Land-Use Plans, Municipal Master Plans, Urban and Detailed Zoning Plan, Urban Development Projects, Tourism Projects, etc.

The company has a work philosophy that includes: the rigorous and technical approach to problems; the respect of ethical rules laid down by professional bodies; the search for adequate solutions from objectives defined by the client; and, the constant monitoring of the work unit until it reaches its final stages or its final approval, depending on which case.